betway官网登录_betway必威体育平台_必威体育betway888 - Ningbo Zhenhai Fire Part Casting Factory
Add: No.258 Shengguang Road, Luotuo, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Tel: +86-574-86594289
Fax: +86-574-86581089
Mobile: +86-137 8005 3313

betway官网登录_betway必威体育平台_必威体育betway888 - Ningbo Zhenhai Fire Part Casting Factory is the leading foundry of the bronze, brass and aluminum alloy in China. Land area: 8000m2, Number of employee: 56 staffs. 80% of them are technical specialist.

Our factory has casting department and machining department. We can control all quality and delivery time by ourselves.
We also have experience in direct international business.
With unique technology and high-level quality, our products get extensive trust and praise from clients all over the world.

Main Products: Worm wheel, gear, valve, impeller, bush, bracket, piston. Connecting rod, Coupling.

Material: Bronze alloy, aluminum alloy.

Casting Technique: Sand casting, precoated sand, metal mold casting, gravity die casting.

Machining equipment: CNC.

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